VASEKin ja Startian tapahtumat

Start your own business – online info for new entrepreneurs

What should you take into consideration when starting your own business? How do you apply for start-up grant?

Enterprise Agency Startia and TE Office Ostrobothnia organise online start info events, available for everyone who plans to start a business. The events are free of charge. Our experts go through the basics of establishing a business, from creating a business plan to applying for start-up grant and registering your business.

Please sign up for the event latest the day before. A Teams meeting link will be sent to the participants on the day of the event.

AIKA 9.2.2021 16:00 - 17:00
TILAISUUTEEN EI VOI ENÄÄ ILMOITTAUTUA! Viimeinen ilmoittautumispvm oli 08.02.2021.


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